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Mayku Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine
Code: FBA180123UK

A desktop vacuum former that brings your business to life. It works with any vacuum cleaner and a whole selection of different materials. Use it to make molds in minutes with no additional software or digital model manipulation needed. Seeing those big ideas come to life never seemed so simple. FormBox takes on 3D printers with an instant vacuum former. This Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner-Powered Device is like a desktop replicator. No more waiting. Speed up your process and see your products come alive. The Mayku FormBox is a simple, quick solution to developing your creations. As a perfect partner for your 3D printer, the Mayku FormBox offers you total power over the design and pace of production. Print one, mold 20 and start your production line from home. Experiment with materials to find the perfect design. From delicious chocolates to concrete candelabras. It's your creation. Unlike your soon to be created products, the FormBox wasn't built overnight. We meticulously designed it to be the perfect size for your desktop. The simple design paired with a vacuum cleaner makes creating easier than ever.

Technical Spec
FeaturesUniversal vacuum adaptor
 Auto on off
 Heat control
 Forming bed: 200mm x 200mm
Design Details
HandlesA tray click and handle design, with cast aluminum hinges, in one single mechanism. Using the FormBox is as easy as possible.
BEDA super fine mesh to increase airflow to the 3D shape, placed on the bed with a soft silicone edge.
ADAPTERA universal adaptor that enables the Mayku FormBox to work with any vacuum cleaner
TRAYABEC 5 bearings for smooth operation.
 Silicone seals to create a perfect seal.
 Pressed steel for extra strength.
Compatible Materials
FOR FORMINGThe Mayku FormBox works best with thermoplastic sheets of 0.25 - 1.5mm in thickness. Here are the technical terms:
 PETg (Commonly found in: Food safe molds)
 HIPS (Commonly found in: Disposable cups)
 ABS (The stuff lego is made from)
 Polystyrene (Commonly found in: Product packaging)
 Polycarbonate (Commonly found in: Drinks bottles)
 Polyethylene (Commonly found in: Sheet and foamed sheet)
 Acrylic PMMA (Commonly found in: Light up signs)
FOR CASTINGConcrete, Silicone, Chocolate, Jello, Resin, ?Ice, Foam, Jesmonite, Plaster.
Height31.5 cm
Width27.4 cm
Weight13.0 kg